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The Wedding of Miriam and Hubert – Reposted with love for Ellie and Stuart who are to be married in May.

The faces staring out you see
a legacy from the past
linked by love it seems to me
a marriage that will last,
this primed, set and ordered way
made this for Miriam, a special day.
The ladies all in hats so fine
brought in boxes and decked in time,
dripping with flowers, covered in lace
see how the little boys know their place.
Brush your hair, pomade at will,
shine your shoes, bring Grandpa’s pills!
Sparkling jewels on collars and cuffs
has Aunt Maud brought her muff?
Our handsome pair have walked the aisle
a special breakfast in a while,
but now we must look our best
for Hubert’s ‘heaven’ in nineteen eleven.
Don’t forget your gloves or cane,
dear God, don’t let there be more rain!
Bring the chairs for we must pose,
young Jimmy please to wipe your nose.
Are we ready in our places,
a little stern, for happy faces!
Poof and Bang! the camera goes
who’d have thought the world would know…


All rights reserved with no reproduction of Photo.

Copyright @ August 2009.

With special thanks to Ged Tucker for the 1911 Family Photo

and also to Janey Johnson for the restoration of this wonderful Photo

April 11, 2014   5 Comments

See There.

See there the changing of the light,
it’s fervency to bring in sight
as golden heads in breeze do blow
as struggle through the earth they grow.
Eyes do see blue circle bright
the Midas touch of lighter nights,
spins the green of breezy branches
this vision of Spring so fast advances.
Life passes quickly in easier haze,
as painful days begin to fade…
Unfurled this heart this mist does clear,
It looks to be a splendid year…

March 31, 2014   6 Comments


In my dreams I see you clearly
no film of tears before my eyes
clear as a picture through a lens
before the dying light arrives.
I ascend fast the steps of weary sleep
climbing to reach your call
but alas my efforts are futile,
for you are nowhere, not here at all…
In my dreams I see your smile
the twinkling of your eyes
smell the warmth of scented body
I will not wake… I do not die!
For nights bring compassion
there is  sympathy in the darkness,
dreams becomes a cosy shroud I
wish not to leave.
In my dreams I see you clearly
In my dreams  I quietly grieve…

January 26, 2014   6 Comments

I Missed You.

“Poetry is the opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through, to guess about what is seen during a moment” Carl Sandburg

I Missed You.

I missed you, when the heated rhythm of Salsa
that feels so like chillies when they touch your tongue
drifted across the dance floor.
I missed you as this enticing music reached  my jewelled pinned ears.
Where were you? when the luscious sounds of Sax blues caught my needy toes
so carefully encased in high dancing shoes.
Where were those slim ‘sun touched’ hands that would  reach to twirl me to the dance floor.
Where was the graceful dancer whose gentle persuasion  could spin me like a whirlpool,
making me turn  and sway to the sounds of Latin beats and bluesy tones.
Tell me, where were those magical eyes those sparkling rays of light,  that always laughed with me.
Where was that smile, those breathy movements on the dance floor,
those feet that could glide and coax  the dancer from my soul.
How my heart wants to dance with you once more, instead of standing alone when the music calls to me.
I watched the others spin and whirl but my arms were empty, sadness for your charms that made me feel like sixteen again.
I was never a wallflower but she has found me now.
Where were you… when the deliciously heated sound of Salsa reached my ears… where were you?


@ Copyright 2009 Susie Hemingway.


January 19, 2014   2 Comments

A Belated New Year Wish.

Happy New Year All – Seems I’ve been away from the computer far too long.  A lovely festive holiday break in Buckinghamshire starting with an excellent meal with my eldest Son Matt, his beautiful Wife Sandrine and of course my dear Grandson Manu. A superb evening with a wonderfully delicious meal starting with Goat’s cheese tartlets and then a marvellous almost peasant dish of braised chicken with spicy chorizo sausage and then a super chocolate pudding followed, also some very good cheese!  All this set in beautiful  twinkling Christmas surroundings. They were then leaving for France the following day. A gorgeous meal with them and a perfect start to the holidays.

I then spent the rest of Christmas with my youngest son Jo at his house in the Chilterns. There was a crowd of us, fifteen in all, so much preparation took place in the lead-up to this special day.

Lots of food shopping and preparing  and decorating of  the Xmas table – a lovely jolly atmosphere prevailed the whole time and we settled to a warm cosy Christmas Eve around a lovely open fire in this beautiful old farmhouse high-up in the Chiltern Hills.

A simply super special celebration meal followed on Christmas Day with fun , many smiles and much laughter, the children enjoying their new gifts and delighting in each other and the games played.

So special for me amongst our Christmas party was the arrival and sharing of Christmas day with  a very dear Niece and her two beautiful children all the way from Cairo. We spent so much time catching up and chatting and recalling old times together, it made this Christmas very special to me as we talked about her dear Uncle Hamada bringing back lovely memories for me of times past spent in Egypt at Christmas time, time spent out in the desert under the stars. It was  truly wonderful to spend time with such a delightful group  of people. I arrived back to the Lincolnshire Wolds a week later with lovely memories to recall and mull over. The perfect ending to a good year.

And now we are well into 2014  I wonder what it will bring? What it will bring for all of us?  The weather has been playing such a big part right from the start with the UK in the grip of many storms and bringing with it floods to many areas. Daily storm warnings of quite frightening proportions  and then sadness seeing the loss and damage to so many properties.  And further afield across the  ’big pond’ three quarters of America is engulfed in the coldest weather for more than twenty years with unbelievably low temperatures causing such problems and a danger to lives.

Wherever you are whatever you are doing or however you are feeling – I wish you a joyous, healthy, safe and happy 2014 – with much love and heaps of fun too. Sx

January 7, 2014   4 Comments

Christmas Time For You and Me.

Christmas time for you and me
not very different I’m sure you’ll see,
my favourites here complete each year
this yuletide picture of fun and cheer…
Christmas bright with candle lights,
good friends to share with you,
log fires that crackle burning bright
to warm your toes on Xmas nights.
Scented smells of cinnamon
sweet mulled wine to sip, as
carols sung of partridges and turtle doves
while crystals fall as snowflakes
twinkle gently from heaven above.
To settle on gleeful faces, catching
warm lashes as paces quicken to
peep in pretty windows dressed to share,
a few of these favourite things…
Jenny’s warm crisp mince pies
adds a sparkle to your eyes,
quince jelly and all those yummy things,
brandy butter and children’s grins.
The snap of festive crackers pop,
corny mottos and paper hats.
Laughing faces, silly chatter,
sweet smell of oranges, chestnuts too
oh to share them all  with you…
That special Robin who came and sat
near mistletoe for that special kiss,
we hang in bunches not to miss!
The wonder of the child’s eyes
as underneath the tree is spied
coloured ribbon, box entice
if you’ve been good, if you’ve been nice?
“Merry Christmas” special ones.
Christmas time no different you see
Just as long as you’re here with me….

December 18, 2013   2 Comments

In Christmas Lights.

Sharp and crisp as snowy nights
crystal clear in prism lights,
gentle orbs that sparkle bright
shining are your eyes tonight.
Reflected jewels of liquid amber
like dripping rich fondant creams,
chocolate in the deepest hue,
I bow my head to look at you.
Eyes that hold this strangeness well
in candlelight they watch and drink,
forgotten words much time to think.
A bitter pill that’s hard for you,
as fairy lights come into view.
White and gold’s, red and greens,
you simply watch in reverent scene,
reflections in those honest eyes
of baubles and of Christmas time.
In Christmas lights my poems for you
expressed in love, a poignant view….
Photo courtesy of Joey Moursi.

December 8, 2013   3 Comments

It’s A Passage – Not A Place To Stay!

Good sensible words – a little mantra perhaps (“it is the price of love”) for those struggling to go forward.  Thoughts of my  friends during this festive month, to all those who read here and who find it even harder at this time of the year. I’m sending a positive prayer to let you know that I am thinking of you, my very best wishes that you continue well, and hope too that you find much needed solace.

December 7, 2013   No Comments

“Simple Words For Loss”


Having recently been reading the blogs of several of my widowed friends who lost their husbands about the time of the loss of my dear Hamada and their continued surprise that after three years or more, they are still feeling so much pain.  My heart goes out to them daily and I understand their dismay at not being able to ‘move on’. Grief is so different from person to person, just as days are different for us all.  Days that are filled with fun and busyness  with not much time for reflection are good when you are grieving but they do not happen everyday and are so much more preferable to the days of quiet thoughtfulness. Why do we need I ask, to concern ourselves so much with ‘moving on?’   Yes, we have a duty to show a good cheerful face to the world and to our families and friends. For who wants to spend time with a sad-sack who is constantly looking backwards, casts a shadow on every occasion and not really much fun to be with?

We must try at least to continue well and be supportive friends and a nice person without sadness to be with. But privately you cannot always ‘swallow your grief ‘ and why should you? It is so intrinsically bound up with who you are now and how you feel deep inside. It would be fool-hardy to deny these feelings when they emerge and engulf us.

These feelings of loss help me to continue well in my daily life and I must have these moments of deep quiet reflection and I use this time to pull the good memories and sometimes the not so good, out to ‘lay in front of me’ for a time, to clear my head and my heart of the loss I still feel.

I love to read books and sonnets of powerful overwhelming love that  has been lost. We are not the first or will we be the last to feel acute pain. I use favourite books  and quotes that bring comfort to me, that if I am completely honest make me understand the pain I often feel even three years further on. I miss my special man – will that ever change I doubt it and nothing will bring him back to me. But I refuse on occasions not  to acknowledge the deep pain of missing him on those quiet reflective days I talk about.

Occasionally I post quotes that mean a lot to me. Words that I would have loved to have written myself, words I believe, that sum up the way many of us who have lost our special person are feeling now. Words that many of you who read here, will understand well. I would like if I may to share them with you:

Grief is different, Grief has no distance. Grief comes in waves, paroxysms, sudden apprehension that weakens the knees and blinds the eyes and obliterate the dailiness  of life. – Joan Didion – The Year of Magical Thinking.

A single person is missing you and the whole world is empty – Philippe Aries – Western Attitudes Towards Death

To mourn is to be eaten alive with homesickness for the person – Olive Ann Burns, Cold sassy tree.

My wind is turned to bitter north that was so soft a south before… Arthur Hugh Clough – A Song of Autumn

People imagine that missing a loved one is kind of like missing cigarettes. The first day is really hard but the next day is less hard and so forth, easier and easier the longer you go on. But instead it’s like missing water. Every day you notice the person’s absence more - Anne Tyler, Back to when we were grown-ups.

A bird sings, but they have no song that I can hear – Beryl Markham – West with the Night.

Yes words of sadness they certainly are, but I believe helpful in the understanding of the grieving process that so many of us have difficulty in absorbing, often desire to wish away, and to think we should not be feeling now. But I believe profoundly that we have a private right to grieve, and should not wish this pain away – embrace it, for your heart will never heal if you deny it the time to do so.

Continue to feel your loss my friends without apologies and yes succumb to it on occasions – it is after all our biggest connection to those we loved and must never be under-estimated in the healing process.

Blessings and Peace my friends.


October 23, 2013   4 Comments

Magical October Memories.

We returned to Marbella again my friends. And again I was lured by the seductive notes of bergamot, oranges and sunshine, charmed by the beauty of the panoramic mountain views, the dripping pink and white bougainvillea, the deep blue of the Mediterranean that matched the cloudless sky. High up in the Sierra de Ronda’s in magical Andalusia this hot October of 2013  was sublime.

As my readers here know, Marbella and Puerto Banus are favourite places of mine, not I might add in the summer months when it is too crowded and these very pretty places change like a chameleon when the majority of its five million annual visitors arrive during the months of July and August.  I dislike crowds at any time, so prefer to visit in October and if lucky to have as we did the most agreeable weather,  then it becomes a perfect paradise.

Our luxury modern apartment sitting high above the world or so it seemed to me afforded us a magnificent view from the large terrace as far as our eyes could see, looking forward to the Mediterranean Sea  and down on landscaped gardens of topiary and vivid green lawns across the deep verdant valley of exotic trees and to the side a  mountain range with added injections of huge white and terracotta villas scattered across the hills which could if allowed, take your breath away!

Each day on the large terrace we would enjoy our breakfast of delicious fruits, croissants, cheeses and rich olives, sometimes a gentle omelette and always good strong coffee whilst breathing in this sweet smelling air and admiring this fabulous view.

We would sit out in the warm evening air with only the glow from candles to light us and after a very good dinner either in Marbella or Puerto Banus or sometimes cooked up high in our own special heavenly world  and with our delicious wine we would settle to watch the stars and the fast moving satellites well into the night. What could be better than that I ask?

                                                                        Caesar Salad with Avocadoes.

Marbella if literally translated would mean beautiful sea and it is just that. These days, the city is internationally known for its jet-set ambience and superb variety of activities offered to visiting tourists. Perhaps my love for Marbella  has arrived from its valuable richness in the Arab culture. It draws me in, is charming, seductive and the town and green parks are supremely attractive. Now fast becoming our favourite place and visited every year is the wonderful seaside Grand Café which is known as Cappuccino.

Situated on the Calle de Jose Melia at the base of the fabulous luxury “Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe” The enchanting  Cappuccino is set amongst lush green pine and palm trees, this for me is the place to take time to absorbed the ambiance and the aroma that is perfectly Marbella. To sit quietly with friends or in jovial fun to ‘drink-in’ the warmth of the sun, the beautiful surroundings with its mixture of classic beauty and its own vibes of Latin rhythms, soft jazz and bossanova sounds that make this the place of relaxation that it truly is.  With its lively selection of cocktails, superb coffees, delicate teas, delicious cakes and pastries and a marvellous selection of  outstanding lunches and dinners. It is an outstanding place of relaxation. Where else is the service so fine, so attentive, where else could you sit in comfortable reverie better than this, enjoying your own Marbella.

Then of course no trip to Marbella could be complete without a visit to Puerto Jose Banus, now more commonly known as Puerto Banus. It is situated southwest of Marbella and has since the days of the 1970′s become one of the largest entertainment centres in the Costa del Sol, so very popular with international celebrities, the rich and famous, royalty and just you and I.

Developed around this once tiny fishing village, Puerto Banus now contains expensive shopping malls, restaurants, bars set around the beautiful Marina where the mega wealthy own large seafaring yachts of magnificence  The scene at most times of the day but especially at night, of many exotic cars; Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis and the latest Mercedes are common place,  viewed with great interest and driven with much pride and sometimes much arrogance! It is a people watching paradise and if like me you love to do this – it is second to none. It is fun to stroll either in the morning when it takes on a fresh clean feel as the front of the designer shops receive their daily wash and brush-up and the views back to the Sierras are sublime from the Harbour House. Perhaps later in the evening make your selection from the many good restaurants along the boardwalk, to sit and digest this ambience which still holds much charm especially  out of season if the weather is as good as we have enjoyed this October then it can’t be bettered.

A short drive away and not to be missed even if you are usually a beach lover is the amazing little town of Casarabonela now commonly known as Casara – it is still part of the municipality of Malaga and is situated 48km from the capital of Malaga so quite nearby to visit when in Marbella. It has a population of approximately 2,500 residents which seems impossible to me but not I suppose when you think of all the tiny alleyways and steps up and down that lead to these tiny homes.  The name derives from the Arabicقصر بنيرة – QaSr Bunayra – The Alcazar or Palace of Bonera.

The scenery is picturesque, so take your time on the drive. Suddenly you turn a bend in the road and are treated to a spectacular view of this tiny village with its medieval fortress. This tiny village set like sugar cubes piled high precariously gripping the mountain side is a picture postcard village. Many white villages in Spain are beautiful for sure but the view when sighting Casara is spectacular causing the visitor to simply stare and the wish to walk its tiny lanes. We found it had a rather strange feel- shall we say watchful residents, perhaps something was going-on the day we visited but never-the-less it is well worth a look-see and I would like to return again to study this pretty little village even more.

No holiday to Marbella would be complete without a stroll around old Marbella, I have spoken of my love for this place in a previous post but just to repeat once again that this magical place still delights me so and is simply a must-do.

 With my youngest son Yousef.

We rambled and searched out the quaint little shops of lace, having such fun in one tiny shop when it appeared that the only changing room was the pulling together and fixing with a pin to make a privacy curtain, of just two hanging dresses at the main door!

We rooted out the antique costume jewellery, we wandered the tiny white lanes of tapas bars and street cafes, stopped to view the enticing courtyards beyond the old doors of tiny spotless white houses. No hurry here as we admired the churches and the architecture, no hurry Old Marbella is after all, to be relished.

As usual it was a splendid holiday but do things become more poignant  when your are older? I believe they do. I drink-in the views, absorb the culture of old Marbella, breathe-in the jasmine and sweet eucalyptus  filled air and consume the many memories that for me are sun related; I am alive and  very comfortable with the warmth of the sun, a feathery touch on my back, bringing a glow to my heart. Swimming in the twinkly infinity pool made diamonds of joy pour forth. The company was fabulous and our laughter echoed daily across the Sierras.  A perfect holiday…yes.  And it was much more besides.

October 16, 2013   8 Comments

The Beauty That Belongs To Scotland.

In September I took a little trip to the highlands of Scotland. Having never travelled so far north west before this was something excitingly new for me. Making a round journey of approximately 950 miles over four days was a busy scenic filled time.  It is surprising how much you can pack into a few well chosen days with good planning and an excellent driver. Leaving Lincolnshire in the very early hours of the morning was obligatory to cover a large part of the miles before the roads became busy and the world awakens, strange for me at a time when I am usually just falling asleep but exciting just the same.

A little stop on the way for some walking and climbing at Thirlmere in the Lake District broke the journey well and then onwards towards Scotland by passing Carlisle and with a little diversion to Gretna Green for a visit to the Famous Old Blacksmiths Shop, the very place of high emotion’s felt by the countless thousands who have rushed to Gretna Green, some as young as twelve for girls and fourteen for boys starting as early as the 17th Century. Young lovers dashing in the dead of night with frenzied horsemen in hot pursuit passed my mind. This place of all those romantic novels, all those stories of ‘love’  in haste, rushing to be joined together in matrimony. Gretna Green has changed now of course with up-market places to stay, restaurants, shops and even a maze! Taking away in my opinion the romantic feel that had so drawn folk to this place for all those many years. Still as I stood there, it was good to try to recall how many had travelled to be married in this unique place. And I was glad to have seen it.

Onwards on this marvellous journey passing  the town of  Lockerbie and quietly remembering the tragedy and devastation that was the Pan Am Flight 103 of 21st December 1988 but let’s not talk of that now. So on to Beattock Nr the Town of Moffett for the first over-night stop, a super country house so perfectly set amongst tall trees at the end of a very long single-track drive, high above Beattock. Just the perfect place to unwind for a short time. The lovely home of Sally and her sweet Collie dog Meg who welcomed us like old friends. The tall high ceilinged rooms with  spacious bedrooms and bathrooms made this quite the perfect house and the huge wonderful Scottish breakfast in the lovely sun-lit drawing room the next morning completed the start of this good trip.

Destination today was  Fort William in the Western Highlands. Fort William is the largest town in the Highlands and situated at the southern end of the Great Glen. It lies in the shadow of Ben Nevis. Fort William is a fine location to use as a base to discover the Western Highlands. The scenic Edinburgh route was chosen, so up to Stirling, onwards via Loch Lomond, passing outstanding views along the way, through Lochearnhead, Crianlarich and across the Bridge of Orchy and on to Glencoe. Glencoe is probably Scotland’s most famous and most scenic Glen and rightly so. The sheer scale and grandeur of the surrounding mountains is totally awe inspiring and Glencoe being Scotland’s oldest Ski Centre has a great reputation as a venue for the more experienced skier, it was established in 1956.

Thoughts came to mind of Glencoe’s turbulent past. As early in the morning of the 13 February 1692 in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution and the Jacobite uprising of 1689, a massacre took place in Glencoe. You can imagine it all as you raise your eyes to the crags and epic mountains surrounding this special place. Visitors from all over the world flock here to appreciate this majestic place.

I spent the whole time while travelling gazing in awe at the mountains on either side of me and at the changing scenery and the shadows, casting light and darkness at every bend in the road. Having never travelled to the Highlands before this was a totally new experience for me and it filled my heart with its power and darkly rich colours, as my eyes drunk-in amazing scenes before me.

And so it was. as stopping for the second night at a super guest house facing the spectacular blue views of Loch Linnhe on the outskirts of Fort William, I stood and breathed in the sharp crisp air of the Western Highlands. Then time for stretching legs, a good shower then off to look for something nice for supper. For tomorrow was to be a most exciting day with the long awaited 84 mile journey on the stupendous magical steam train  “The Jacobite” (Hogworts of the Harry Potter Fame)

Described as one of the great railway journeys of the world The Jacobite Steam train takes you past a list of very impressive extremes. It starts with much excitement as passengers take their seats after admiring the black steely beast.

Starting near the highest mountain in Britain Ben Nevis, which stands hugely proud against a bold backdrop, excitement mounts as the train builds steam and soon you are passing the most westerly mainland railway station, Arisaig; then to pass close- by to the deepest freshwater loch in Britain, Loch Morar and then on to the shortest river River Morar, finally arriving alongside the deepest seawater loch in Europe, Loch Nevis. The train stops on route at the village of Glenfinnan before passing over the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct – now is the time for the best photo you can muster as the train almost turns on itself above this marvellous feat of engineering!

Beyond Glenfinnan are the so very beautiful villages of Lochailort, Morar and then the small quaint fishing village and final stop the village of Mallaig. From hear on a clear crystal day you can see the “Small Isles” of Rum, Eigg, Muck, Canna and the southern tip of Skye. The train passes Mora and the silvery beaches used in the films “Highlander” and “Local Hero”.

The sun shone all the way, the scenery was as beautiful as I have ever seen in all of my life and my heart soared at the delight of it all. The fishing village and small port of Mallaig was so picture perfect, the small houses resting gently on the side of the hills perched above the quay, the colours of the small boats and the huge fat well fed seagulls with their cries of anguish content completed the scene. Time for a warming coffee before the return journey, a stroll and for picture taking, no rush; for I believe no one rushes here. I visited St Patrick’s RC Church for Fishermen just at the base of the village which was open and unafraid of crime, something most unusual these days. It was peaceful, it was pretty there at Mallaig.


An exciting journey back with bustle and happy folk capturing their last photos of this special trip, drinking-in the last of the spectacular views and soon we arrived at Fort William, my head and heart filled with visions of this enchanting part of our lovely Island. This was a special trip of light and love, how lucky I am…

October 1, 2013   4 Comments

“Watchful Eyes – St Margarets Hemingby”

Grey and ancient I think we’d say
but standing proudly every day,
your bricks are crumbly your fabric grim
the hanging lamps are often dim
but you have the smell that brings much peace
of wooden pews a polished feat
humbly knelt by those that seek…
Our old clock that ticks and loudly tocks
though silent prayers it grunts and knocks,
watchful eyes that see it all, as shafting
sunlight bless shadowed walls.
Thin ancient mauve lit-leaded panes
breathe smoky rays of God’s dawning names
on brass plaques that honour those that fell
in 1914-18 – this war of hell!
But now,
still and quiet on Sunday faces, those that dream
of Heaven’s places-yet unseen…
The heart that beats in this ancient place of sometimes
sorrow or better still of wedding grace.
Of joy and love.
Your watchful eyes with secrets safe of bonny babes
in christening robes and pretty bones that kneel in rows
for those who ardently pray within these walls.
And love, yes love!
For is it not love that will echo through eternity?
For those we pray, those in mind most every day.
The sadness seen, the secrets kept
as those we love, join sleeping rest.
Within these walls St Margaret’s sees it all
with watchful eyes…

~Competition piece to raise funds for St Margaret’s~


August 15, 2013   9 Comments

“Rippling Shadows”

I found your words resting on a page
written in that slim stylish hand,
the book, a gift I think?
Not significant to utter or to make worthy of print
I studied them closely…
I loved you as the sun glints its rippling
shadows as they spill across my bedroom wall and
your book.
I loved that you thought to write your daily notes
for me to read again during these Summer days.
I wanted to talk to you,
pulling at the grass of your resting place did not
satisfy… tidying the petals away did not sate my need.
Did not gratify…
Endless is this dark road between us
I long to hear your voice!
Still as the sun glints these rippling shadows as they spill across my
bedroom wall – I drink comfort from your written words…
Do you know it’s Summer? Do you know it’s Summer…
Copyright @  2013

July 23, 2013   21 Comments

Distant Dreams – The Cornish Riviera Express.

Distant dreams of long ago
from far away, the memories come.
of tousled heads and clean white gloves
as crumpled down the socks did fall
when stepping high, to different world.
Steel on steel, hoot and chug
as fire burns the toiling brings
smoke from stoke in iron heat,
to huff and puff as loco runs.
Excited hearts, new strange smells
of coal, oil like warm sweet sulphur reaches
noses pressed flat against the windows gaze,
as little legs felt prickly seats and polished sills;
to watch this world of passing scenes.
We sat with Mum in pretty hat and
Dad along in Sunday best, of blue and shiny shoes,
enchanting dreams of long ago…
Of passing fields green and sweet,
of newly seen cows and sheep.
The engine massive trundles strong,
huge with brass, enamelled and long,
on rails that sped us on and further on…
As power for steam from fire it runs
on winding rails and signals seen
captivating world that passed
we sat entranced,  in life so different
from one we knew,
enthralled to captivate enchanting views.
The  stations pass in colourful flowers
brightly tucked in buckets and troughs,
with sharp polished names of Truro and St Erth;
the joys of travel the fun and mirth.
Delightful wonder at every bend,
as windows down our heads did send
hair blowing in the wind;
the squeals in tunnels that never end.
As porters smart in flat blue hats,
lift cases and trunks in bustle and flap,
of come and go with whistles blown,
we gaze as if in  misty dream,
as doors bang shut, huff and puff
smoke and toil, coal and steam,
to make it so.
And on we go…
And on we go, in distant dreams…
of long ago…

A Remembered Journey on The Cornish Riviera Express -1950


The Cornish Riviera Express is a British express passenger train that has run between London and Penzance in Cornwall since 1904. Introduced by the Great Western Railway the name Cornish Riviera Express has been applied to the late morning express train from London Paddington Station to Penzance Station continuously through nationalisation under British Rail and privatisation under First Great Western only ceasing briefly during the two World Wars.

Photos: Courtesy of Peter R Foster.

June 29, 2013   8 Comments

It is a Letter of Utter Love:

Photo: Across To Granada from Susie's Collection:

Scroll down in the comments to read the moving letter from Karen on http://www.susiehemingway.com/2013/05/07/the-fight-without-choice/

June 24, 2013   2 Comments